Since our early days of manufacturing and distributing for European optical shops in 2005, we've learned a couple things about this industry. 

For one, finding the perfect pair of glasses that look good on you, actually help clear your vision, and won't break the bank is extremely difficult. Eyewear brands are notorious for drastically shooting up their price tag, regardless of the material's actual quality.

That's why we decided to re-build the process from scratch. We've been on the search for the best materials and testing out models for almost 10 years. We use a sophisticated software that is programmed to fine-cut each of our glasses to come out polished in the way we intended. Because we're in full control, we're able to offer exceptional quality at a fair price.

Being inspired by the variety in eyewear fashion during his travels, our CEO Julio wanted to design a collection for Kickstarter that represented these stylish trends while staying convenient to carry around when on the go. The roots of our craft are from Europe, design inspiration is from America, premium titanium is imported from Japan, and assembled by meticulous hands in Korea. We've brought together the world's best for our backers.

CEO Message

“As someone who relies on glasses myself, I know how difficult it is to choose the perfect pair that looks good on you, actually helps reduce eye strain, and won’t break the bank. That’s why I wanted to design a collection that’s affordable without compromising quality, function, or style. It started off as a greedy goal but I think my frames  does a pretty good job of hitting all three.”